The Mastilak Wealth Management Group combines 53 years of wealth management experience helping clients pursue their goals.  We leverage our long-standing track record and modern-day insights to provide tailored guidance based on your unique needs.

Barron's magazine cover with Jay Matilak in background. Forging The Future Top Women Advisors gather at the 14th annual Barron's Women Summit. Discussions on Finding Your Niche For Growth and Lessons in Leadership


The Barron's Women Summit brings together the best minds in the wealth management industry.  It is designed to facilitate a free-flowing exchange of information, ideas, and insights from the industry's most accomplished women advisors – in the interest of raising the standards of excellence in the wealth mangement profession.  This three-day event is designed and presented by Barron's-ranked advisors and industry leaders.  The graphic is not an editiorial cover, but is related to the Barron's Women Summit.  For more information about the Barron's Women Summit, click here.